Mood Board

To create art that catches the eye rides on every earring, ring, and necklace that sells out of the house of Hyperbole Accessories.

Our mood board has pops of feminine colours and is dedicated to designing items that the Hyperbole girl can flaunt in all aspects of her life – brunches, lunch meetings, dinner dates, shopping with girls, traditional functions or just to make herself feel pretty/ just to add a little drama to her outfit.

Our work journey starts with an inspiration followed by experimentation. We are highly influenced by elements of nature, Indian culture & heritage, seasonal colours, and the most valued client feedback. Experimentation involves trial and error of designs, patterns and textures.

With the onset of a new season, we welcome a fleet of fresh textures and ideas. Seasonal hues are mixed with suitable stones. Patterns are created depending on the look we want to achieve for the jewellery piece.

We start with a silhouette and end with a beautiful piece of art. The goal is to produce designs with a contemporary soul and a traditional twist.

Behind The Scenes

The stones used in our designs are sourced from Khambhat, Jaipur and Indonesia. We currently have two functional workshops, stationed in Ahmedabad and Jaipur; where our experienced team of artisans is devoted to creating fine craftsmanship. From the initial design stage to final texture plating & stone placement, extreme care is devoted to quality control and only the best piece is chosen for sale. Our entire process is handcrafted using traditional Indian techniques with negligible to no usage of machines.

With our agate stone collection, we are trying to preserve and promote the beautiful artistry of highly skilled craftsmen of Khambhat. The lovely colour patterns and banding of this translucent gemstone help us capture their craftsmanship in accessories beyond jewellery. With no two agates being the same, it’s definitely a favourite for our limited edition collections.

Though our range mostly exhibits gold plated products, every season we foray in to a new collection, with silver and pearl jewellery being our most recent ones.

We are a work in progress team experimenting something fresh, bold and appealing that adds a statement to your jewellery.

Designer's Story

They say life is too short to wear boring jewelry and we totally agree with it. Hyperbole Accessories was born out of Gazal’s sheer love for jewelry that sparkles to make a statement.

Gazal Kothari is a jewelry designer and an entrepreneur. Her interest and inclination towards handcrafted fashion jewelry led her to start her own line of fashion jewelry and later Hyperbole Accessories was born. Exaggeration of small things thats clearly what her jewelry is – Hyperbole, She has worked with variety of materials and incorporated in her designs, with a set of skilled artisans in her team along with beautiful designs she has made sure that Hyperbole delivers quality and sustainable pieces.

It’s truly said that happiness is handmade. Handcrafting every single design and pattern is the philosophy we live by at Hyperbole Accessories. With constant inspiration from the radical world around us, We live to create timeless bold elegance.

With her base in India and California, she has taken Hyperbole Accessories to over 12 countries, touching lives of 5000+ women. And her journey has just started. She is also a winner of Young Woman Achiever’s Award 2019 by FICCI YFLO Organization.

Be Bold. Be Out there. Be Hyperbole.

Gazal Kothari

(Founder & Designer)


Your designs particularly stand out for the uniqueness and gorgeous patterns! I’m a big big fan of hyperbole! Can’t get over it! So I end up ordering them
Long way to go!

Mishika Shah

Hyperbole’s design and collection is totally unique and different. My most favourites are pastel, pearl and borroco earrings. Surely you won’t find the same collection anywhere but at Hyperbole Accesories:)

Suchi Yadav

Hyperbole is that one brand I ve seen which creates some fantastic products with beautiful and chic designs , they will stand out every time you wear them ! And what's great is , the quality is amazing too.

Harshita Bhansali Nahata

Whenever i think of buying any studs to danglers or to ring, its hyperbole which comes to my mind. Its one of the most amazing jewellery brand.I wanted kaleera to be very important part of my wedding look. And the kaleeras which they made for my wedding was the most mesmerising thing i have ever seen. Gazal, ur designs are my ultimate saviour. I can wear them on anything whether b western or indian a perfect combination of modern and indian designs'. I am a big fan of their designs.

Shreshtha Hundia Chopra

Chartered Accountant
When you want something unique it has to be Hyperbole accessories.They create some mindblowing pieces. Their elegant and adorable designs makes it a must have for every girls wardrobe.For me its very difficult to decide what to buy and what not, as I am in love with their each and every piece.A big thanx to Gazal for everything..Looking forward for more designs!

Anuja Sheth

I just love how amazingly well every new collection is thought of and designed. Specially their latest silver lotus inspired collection is to die for. Grab your hands on them once and I am sure you'll keep wanting more.

Tanvi Sawlani

Fashion Designer
I received my earings and ring today and i cant resist to share my joy. They are amazing and I loved it. I liked the prompt delivery and quality. Thank you Gazal. Will look forward to buy many more from Hyperbole. Keep growing such amazing collection of accessories with you.

Rutvi Shah